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Can Kalpana Kotagal Judge Impartially?

The EEOC hears complaints from a variety of litigants and justice demands that they be judged fairly and impartially, but Kalpana Kotagal has called some of America's leading law firms "despotic" because they worked for conservatives.

Kalpana Kotegal, is on the advisory board of Peoples Parity Project, which has targeted four of America's leading law firms for ostracization from the legal community.

In a petition that PPP has spearheaded the group is working to run these four firms out of business. Kotagal's group's petition states how she believes their firms work for conservatives disqualifies them from the mainstream legal community:

Yet, attorneys from Jones Day, Porter Wright, King & Spalding, and Consovoy McCarthy are leading the charge. They are not just complicit – they are enabling despotic attempts to threaten our election integrity and the future of our nation.

By characterizing these four firms as "despotic" she has clearly expressed a bias against the firms, one so extreme as to be incurable. As an EEOC Commissioner, Kotagal is supposed to be impartially calling balls and strikes on complex discrimination claims, but can anyone imagine that she is going to give someone represented by a law firm which she thinks is enabling despots a fair trail?

Further by sending a clear message to these firms and their potential clients that they're not going to get a fair hearing at the Commission, she's using her voice and influence to steer business to firms friendly to progressive politicians, further undermining the integrity of the process.

If Kalpapa Kotagal wants the American people to believe she is going to be fair and unbiased she is going to have to renounce her affiliation with Peoples Parity Project, denounce their targeting of these firms, and recuse herself from any actions involving the firms she targeted.


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