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Kalpana Kotagal Hides Leadership Role in Anti-Conservative Group

Federal ethics documents require nominees to disclose their leadership roles in outside groups. Kalpana Kotagal, failed to disclose her Board membership with the Peoples Parity Project a group that smears conservative Senators and their staff.

The Public Financial Disclosure Report (OGE Form 278e) required by the Office of Government Ethics, requires nominees to disclose positions in organizations when they have been nominated for a Senate confirmed position.

As her form shows, Kalpana Kotagal disclosed a variety of positions on her OGE Form 278e.

What she failed to disclose (despite disclosing being on the Parent Steering Committee at her child's pre-school) is her membership on the Advisory Board of the left-wing legal group the People's Parity Project.

The PPP is a radical left wing group that among other things occupies itself with maligning the Federalist Society, one of the leading center-right legal organizations. FedSoc as it's known, counts among its members many Federal and State Judges, United States Senators and Representatives, law clerks at all levels of government, and many leading Congressional staff members.

Diversity of opinion though is unacceptable to the Peoples Parity Party and they have called for FedSoc to be run out of public life, leveling a series of wild conspiracy theories at its doorstep including:

The Federalist Society’s official silence, in the face of evidence that the organization’s leadership planned a coup, illustrates what the Federalist Society has become: an anti-democratic organization.
the Federalist Society—an organization that sits at the heart of the conservative legal movement—actively aided insurrectionists.

The Peoples Parity Party traffics in the worst kind of smears - that if you do not subscribe to their left-wing ideology, then you are disloyal, Un-American, and in this case an insurrectionist.

Kalpana Kotagal needs to explain to the Senators on the Health Education Labor and Pensions committees whether they and their staffs, many of whom are Federalist Society members and supporters, are insurrectionists, and whether she believes that those who support the Federalist Society supports the overthrow of the United States Government.

If she does not believe these things, she needs to square that with her leadership of an organization that targets the Federalist Society.

These thorny questions are likely at the center of why she failed to disclose her leadership of the Peoples Parity Project.


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