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The Left Knows What's at Stake

Kotagal is the lynchpin for the left to capture the EEOC and supercharge its efforts to bully American companies.

The liberal "Direct Employers Association" a group whose business model is to help companies comply with burdensome and racist Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion mandates, recently summarized what's at stake with the Kotagal nomination:

The White House plans to use the EEOC, once in the control of Democrats with its next nominee to the EEOC (which it hopes is Ms. Kotagal), as a messaging platform to the LGBTQ community through continuous EEOC public service announcements reminding the community that the Biden EEOC is protecting LGBTQ rights against corporate employers allegedly unlawfully discriminating against them.
So, a lot “is on the line” as to the Kotagal Nomination in the view of Democrats running the federal government.

For the uninitiated, "messaging" from the EEOC means threats of being sued by the federal government if you do not comply with their "messaging." has been working to educate the American people on how important this nomination is, but you don't have to believe us, believe the liberals who know "a lot is on the line" with the Kotagal nomination if they hope to deputize the federal government into suing on behalf of their aggressive left wing business agenda.

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